Fake Friends

okay so i knew this girl for 2 years and she was my friend and she said it would be cool if we did graffiti. She did some one the street i said i dunno what if we get caught. She said don’t worry do it on the sidewalk, and this was about a 2 months ago, her’s went away and mine didn’t. she acted different at school, she wouldn’t talk to me  not even a little hi. so she went to my house to see if i can go hang out with her yesterday  i  said  no cause your fake. so then today she walked through my door and said wheres your parents i said there not here then she started yelling at me saying she is going to tell my parents everything “i” do  and i told her i don’t care if u tell my parents! so she did when they got home. she threatened to hit me. i said do it! she didn’t have the guts. but she told my parents that i did graffiti and made racist jokes. Then i told my mom and dad everything that happened and my dad said “No matter what u cant be saying anything racist and the graffiti is minor its the racism i’m mad about!” my mom said ” she was setup that’s why i don’t like that girl. on the street it will go away, the sidewalk it will stay. she set you up! during this talk i was crying cause she told my friend who lives near both of us that i said stuff about here  so she turned on me. to day i found out who were my real friends. 

i shall call them by there nick names.

1:Rizo                                                I

2:tinkerbell                                     LOVE 

3:joyti                                             THEM 

4:smithy                                           ALL

5:classy hobo                                   <3

6:  asian sister                                   :)